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Nico Dudit Pardo

Nico Dudit Pardo is a multicultural Colombian and French theatre creator. He started his career as a designer in Colombia and, at the moment, is pursuing his MFA in Costume Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With the work he generates he aspires to tell stories and invent visual worlds with sensibility and profoundness. He is creating characters and designing costumes based on identity and charged with emotions.


His goal as a costume designer is to represent a person's life story, sorrows, expressiveness, dreams, and aspirations through what they wear. With the stories he tells he wants people to feel and be reflected. He wants them to feel appealed to meaningful ideas and involved in insightful questioning. He firmly believes in questioning the way stories have always been told and revisiting History from a critical perspective.


He thrives on making connections and collaborating with different creators with whom they can grow as a team. He is passionate about traveling and experiencing the world in all its complexity and splendor. Understanding other cultures' diverse perspectives on art and theater is one of his main objectives as an artist.




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